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Cali Vinyl Pro with Mute Step - Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Reference Purpose:Used for Joist/ keelson under decking

Surface Treated:Sanding

    Available Colors:

The Luxury Vinyl Flooring – 6.0 mm SPC click lock is 100% waterproof, best for residential and commercial spaces. The luxury vinyl flooring is water resistant and stable in tough environments. It has an exceptional scratch protection and wear resistance with a 12 mils or 20 mils wear layer. The Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) core is manufactured with co-extrusion which makes it more durable and more rigid than the traditional vinyl flooring. It is easy to install, with minimal subfloor preparation and time. The comfortability and noise reduction is stabilized with a pre-attached 1.5 mm EVA foam.

  • UV Coating
  • Wear Layer
  • Decor Film
  • SPC Core / Rigid Core Board
  • IXPE Underlay

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